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Welcome! Img180 is for businesses who want to show the world what incredible changes their services and or products can have.

So...our platform is built to allow you to show your before & after photos.

Create captivating before & after posts for the world to see. If you sell products, show them within these posts to give customers inspiration and great ideas for change.

Unlike other websites who provides consumers with verified business reviews and reverse sales leads, Img180 prides itself on helping consumers find the right businesses based on its visual and or written representation.


The #1 Answer: It builds trust!

Trust is critical to any business and its' most lucrative asset as it has the power to drive sales and increase revenue. It will almost be impossible for any business to acquire new customers and keep existing ones without trust.

Other Reasons:

  • Proves your skills and quality of your product or service
  • Spectacular makeovers increases brand retention
  • Seizes viewers attention long enough to get your message accross. Average human attention span is 8.25 sec.
  • It simply implies what words can't.
  • Shows that your company is open to transparency

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Here are some 3 Reasons for Img180

Online tools

Create before & after posts to showcase your work. Showcase past projects in an album.

Reviews are a great way to gain feedback on how customers value your business.

Direct Messaging

Reach out to members who follow you by direct message.

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"74% of consumers do online research before making purchase, according to a 2012 survey released by Cisco."