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Fixed Corbin Mortise Lock That Hasn't Worked in 20 Plus Years by Morgan Locksmiths

I was having some issues with my Corbin Mortise lock.  This lock must be over 60 years old.  This lock has not fully worked for years. The lock's spring latch was stuck from all the caked-up paint and the deadbolt had recently stopped working as it would no longer turn the deadbolt.  The head of the skeleton key got broken off and is probably stuck inside the body of the lock.  I had bought a replacement mortise lock from Home Depot, but it didn't work because it would not fit the slot of the original lock.  None of the home supply stores carried anything that would work.  So I took the old lock to Morgan Locksmiths and Security Center. The store associate was great! He had a wonderful attitude and was very knowledgeable about locks even the old ones.  He inspected the lock and said he needed to clean the the paint off the strike plate and latch, create two custom lever springs, create a latch spring and lubricate the lock. He also created a duplicate key.

When I went back the same day to pick the lock up, I was really astonished by the quality of workmanship.  The lock did not look like the same lock!  It looked new and it worked like a new lock as well.  When you turned the key the deadbolt came out with a smooth spring action and the spring latch worked like a charm.  They really done a great job.  It is really nice to see that some businesses really care about doing their job well.  The lock repair cost me $70 and the skeleton key replacement cost $35.  It was either repair this old lock or replace the entire door and lock.  Money well spent.

Review of: Morgan Locksmiths & Security Center
They know old locks

bigberto wrote: Morgan Locksmiths did a great job on my beat up lock. When they got through, this old mortise lock was like new and worked better than ever. The store associate was very knowledgeable as well.
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  • Created on:   Sep 09, 2017

  • Category:  Windows & Doors

  • Location:   Chicago, IL, US


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