We have made some major updates to Img180

We have made some major updates to Img180

It feels great to put on some new clothes!

Img180 is a site that is all about before and after content.  We pride ourselves on being the best in this field.  Originally, Img180 only allowed businesses to upload before and after projects to showcase their work.  Now with our major updates, everyone can create a before and after post!  So…create a post to showcase your work, talk about interesting topics or use it write a review. We have highlighted some of the site-wide changes below:

  1. Any user can post before and after content.
  2. Basic users can add a business review to their before and after post.
  3. Site search is now based on keyword(s) and not specific channel categories (eg. health, beauty, home, auto).
  4. Businesses in our listing can now locate their profile and claim their business.
  5. We have changed the main site theme color from blue to red.
  6. We have added a choice signup page to better assist users in deciding a profile type.
  7. A home page has now been included to help better explain what Img180 is about.
  8. Img180 is now 100% mobile friendly for phones and tablets.
  9. A frequently asked questions (FAQs) page is now available.

We invite you to come to Img180.com and Create an account to start showing your before and afters.  If you are a business owner and want more information on how our platform can help your business, visit our business page.

We will continue to make updates to img180 to give users the best experience.  If you need help with using img180 or you just want to pay us a compliment or you just want to trash us, please drop us a line at our contact page.

Thanks, Img180 Team

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